Sunday, June 28, 2015

Journey to a White Mountain Remote Pond

A remote wild brook trout pond in the White Mountains of NH.

Yesterday I made a trip to a remote trout pond in the White Mountains. At 2600', this is one of the highest elevation trout ponds in the Whites. Its waters are crystal clear with the blue-green tint characteristic of these high elevation ponds. Unlike most other remote ponds in New Hampshire, this pond is not stocked by helicopter. These trout are wild, spawning in the outlet stream and possibly around the numerous springs within the pond itself.

I arrived at the trailhead at 8:25 AM. No other cars in sight. Perfect.

In my excitement I half ran/half walked the 1.5 mile, 800 foot vertical trail in about half an hour. I was greeted with the sight of fish rising on the glassy surface of the pond. All around the pond dimples formed on the surface.

I couldn't see what they were rising to, but I decided to try an Ausable Wulff. Armed with ym 2 weight, I waded into the shallow outlet of the pond and began casting. On the second cast I watched as a brookie rose from the depths, paused, then smashed my fly. 

The next cast had the same result. It went on like this, with fish nearly every cast, until about 11 am.

 I was worried that the bite may have turned off for the day, but I moved up the shoreline to a small tributary. The water in the pond was quite cold, probably somewhere in the upper 50s, but the water in the stream was frigid! It couldn't have been warmer than the low 40s. 

Brookies were stacked up near the tributary - I caught at least 10 within a 50 foot radius.

New Hampshire Remote Pond Brook Trout
I continued to catch fish after fish as I traveled around the pond. Every time I thought the fish had stopped biting, another fish proved me wrong. 

I lost count of the fish I caught. It was easily 50, but it could have been 100. 

The brookies destroyed my Wulff, so I moved on to a Light Cahill, but the brookies didn't mind the change.

It was an incredible day. Never in my life have I caught so many trout, and the fact that all came on dries is icing on the cake. I can't wait to head back again.


  1. Congratulations on such an epic outing!

  2. Awesome trip! Many of those brookies were pretty big (looks like some are 10+) and you got them on dries nonetheless. Congrats! I'm sure there are some even bigger ones lurking subsurface waiting for you next time. It is definitely one of my goals this year to fish for wild pond brookies.

    1. Yeah the biggest this time was about 10", but my friend caught a 12-13" brookie there a couple years back:

      (He has huge hands, so it might not look that big)

      It was super foggy when he caught it, so I bet the big guys only come out in low light. I need to get back up there and camp sometime so I can fish dawn/dusk.

  3. That is a mind blowingly beautiful place!

    1. Thanks! It really is one f the most incredible places I've had the chance to fish.

      P.S. I read your blog all the time - great stuff!